Election in Ukraine 2014

Source: Yanukovych's ally runs the election despite lustration

23 october 2014 | 12:28

Election in Donbas is in the interests of several groups - Poroshenko, Akhmetov and Kolomoisky.

In the elections in Donetsk region AP gave the "green light" to Zvagolsky and colleague Avramov
Former member of Yanukovych's party Zvyahilsky takes part in the election in Donetsk region despite the law on lustration that came into force on Oct. 16 and forbids the ex-deputies from the Yanukovych's party to run.

However, it became known that in the parliamentary election in Donetsk oblast candidates seats in Parliament representing the previous government coordinate their nomination with the current leadership of the country. About this a source in the Committee of voters of Ukraine informed MW.ua.

According to a source, the most interesting events are in 45, 59 and 53 districts - in particular, in 45 district AP gave the "green light" to Yukhym Zvyahilsky, who signed up at the last moment.

"Zvyahilsky was not going to run in his area, but when it became possible to hold the election within 45 district, namely in areas of Avdeevka and a few settlements in Yasinovatskiy district he has immediately signed up. Except AP, Zvyahilsky's run was blessed also by the patron of the Opposition bloc Akhmetov. In this regard, the CEC has transferred the address of the district from Donetsk to Zhelannoye village in Yasinovatskiy district, " the representative of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) says.

He says that in 59 district interests of several groups have crossed - Poroshenko, Akhmetov and Kolomoisky: "Block Poroshenko pulls Turchyn, instead of the removed Shchukin, Akhmetov pulls Kurakhovo mayor Sazhko, Kolomoisky – Manko."

"In the district there is a tough fight for the Kolomoisky entrance on the Akhmetov territory," the source says.

53 district, according to the CVU, is ready to please the Ukrainian Parliament with a very controversial personality - Oleh Nedava, which is called the right hand of Ivan Avramov.

"Officially, he is the Director for foreign economic activity of LLC Karpatybudinvest. In the reign of Yanukovych this company gave orders in the cities controlled by "looking" Avramov – Zaporizhia and  Donetsk region, Ukraine," the source says.

According to him, the County Commission is headed by Iryna Stolbynska, permanent Director of the companies that belong to Ivan Avramov (CJSC Donetsk coal processing group and others). PECs are also generated and are formed under the clear control of Avramov's people.

Oleg Nedava has been already "agreed" with the leadership of the country, i.e., he will become a bayonet in the pro-government faction, the CVU representative says.

"The former Party of Regions, and now the Opposition bloc together with DPR are not going to allow election on district # 53, so as not to give Nedava to get the Deputy mandate, as he was not included in the coalition with the Opposition bloc in the election race, and chose the easiest, but the most "reliable" today path - he agreed with the pro-presidential political force," he says.

Recall also that Petro Poroshenko Bloc in the parliamentary election deliberately puts failing candidates against odious regionals Sergey Kivalov, Eduard Matviychuk, Sergei Dunayev and many others. Althought Poroshenko Blok also proclams they withdraw its candidates against the odious ones

Source: zn.ua

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