Russia demands 4 billion euro from Germany for Nazi damages in USSR

4 february 2015 | 17:29

Russian MPs have calculated that Nazis had caused a $ 600 billion loss for the USSR during the WWII.

Госдума РФ Государственная дума России
Russia demands 4 billion euro from Germany for Nazi damages in USSR
Group of MPs from the State Duma of Russian Federation offers to put Germany to account for losses suffered by the USSR during the World War II.

It has been reported by the Polish edition Rzeczpospolita, citing a statement from the Deputy Head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Mikhail Degtyaryov.

"The Germans did not pay any reparations to the Soviet Union for the destructions and crimes committed by the German troops during the World War II. They still continue to hurt us, supporting the EU's illegal sanctions", - said Russian MP.

He added that Wehrmacht's troops have left behind severe destructions in 170 cities in the USSR, destroyed 70,000 villages, 32,000 enterprises and 100,000 kolhozes. In total, the losses amount to $ 600 billion.

"Germany has paid reparation to countries which even did not exist during the Second World War. Israel has received $ 60 billion. And, as it turned out, they had paid 6 billion to the victims of the Holocaust. They have forgot about 27 million Soviet citizens killed." – announced the Russian MP, urging the Ukrainian and Belarusian government to require money from Germany.

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He added that compensations in the amount of 4 billion euro should go directly to Russia as the successor of the USSR.

 Recently, the Foreign Minister of Poland Gzhegorz Schetyna announced that Russia does not want to remember about a million of Ukrainians in the USSR's Armed Forces and is trying to usurp the victory over the Third Reich. Russia, in turn, harshly criticized the Polish Foreign Minister for thanking Ukrainians in liberating the Auschwitz prisoners 70 years ago. Sergey Lavrov named the words of his Polish counterpart as "blasphemy."

Gazeta Wyborcza also wrote that the Russians deny the right of Ukrainians for the victory over Hitler and consider them as "Banderas" and "fascists."

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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