PM Yatsenyuk: Russian aggression costs Ukraine 20% of its economy potential

11 december 2014 | 13:00

Donbas had fifth of Ukrainian industrial enterprises. Mostly, they exported goods, which provided significant share of foreign currency.

Military losses account to 20% for the Ukrainian economy.
Military expenditures, associated with the Russian aggression in Ukraine, account to 20% of our economy, Ukrainian Prime Minister declared during the government program presentation at the Verkhovna Rada.

Donbas had fifth of our industrial enterprises, which worked for export for the most part and provided significant share of foreign currency for Ukrainian economy. However, because of the Russian military aggression and actual occupation of the region, Ukraine has lost this 20% of its national economy.

"Let me remind you, that 20% of the Ukrainian economy is concentrated in Donbas. That is exactly why because of this military aggression we have lost 20% of our revenues, 20% of foreign exchange earnings, and 20% of the economic potential of our state," - concluded PM Yatsenyuk.

According to him, today, the situation in the economy "is even more complicated than it was 9 months ago" since much of the industry is destroyed and does not function. 

Source: ZN.UA
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