PM Yatsenyuk appeals to businessmen to tell about corruption in Ukrainian fiscal bodies

24 february 2015 | 17:03

Prime Minister has dismissed the management of the State Fiscal Service' bodies for the period of investigation and asked businessman to provide evidence.

Арсений Яценюк
Ukrainian PM has begun fighting corruption a year after “Maidan”
Prime Minister Yatsenyuk has called on businesses to provide evidence of corruption and bribery in the State Fiscal Service (SFS).

"Once again I appeal to businesses and entrepreneurs: guilty is the one who takes bribes, but the one who gives bribes is also guilty. Give me evidence, allow me to establish law and order in the country. Please help the country during this difficult period, and it will be easier to work"- announced PM Yatsenyuk.

Prime Minister pointed out at the meeting with the SFS leadership, on which he announced about the beginning of the investigation, that the reports of the State Fiscal Service are much more optimistic than the feedback of the businesses.

At the same time, the PM announced that the results of the investigation of the special governmental commission would be public.

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On February 24, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced about the launch of the official investigation, during which the activity of the SFS management would be scrutinized. For these reasons, all the officials have been temporarily dismissed from their positions.

Source: ZN.UA

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