"Naftogaz" confirms $ 248 is new price for Russian gas

2 april 2015 | 11:50

The Ukrainian side hopes that a new long-term agreement with Russia will be concluded on the basis of market principles. 

Газпром, Gazprom
Russian gas will cost $ 248 for Ukraine
"Naftogaz" and "Gazprom" have signed a supplementary agreement to the contract on gas supply, thus continuing the action of key terms in the "winter package" until the end of June 2015, reports the press service of the Ukrainian state holding on Thursday, April 2.

This agreement includes pricing mechanism, type of payment and supply.

"The expected price in the second quarter will be $ 248 per thousand cubic meters," – reports the company.

"Naftogaz" says that the current agreement is a temporary one and soon there will be a new treaty.

"The continuation of the "winter package" for three months gives the parties additional time to develop a long-term solution," – says "Naftogaz" CEO, Andriy Kobolyev, cited by press service of the company.

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The Ukrainian side insists that the gas trade should be based on transparent commercial terms. According to Andriy Kobolyev, the European Commission supports Ukraine's aspirations.

Earlier, it was reported that "Naftogaz" offered "Gazprom" to continue the "winter package" until spring 2016. 

Source: ZN.UA

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