Media: Putin might give loans to Tsipras in exchange for Greece's assets

7 april 2015 | 11:55

Greece's debt is still too large to reject cooperation and compromise with Brussels. 

Алексис Ципрас
One of the key issues on bilateral agenda is "Turkish Stream" pipeline
Moscow is ready to consider giving a discount to Greece for its gas and new loans, but will wait for "reciprocal movements."

In particular, Russia might want certain Greek assets, reports Kommersant, citing its source.

 "We are ready to consider giving discount on gas for Greece: its price according to the contract is tied to oil prices, which in recent months has significantly decreased. We are also ready to discuss the possibility of providing new loans to Greece. But, here we are, in turn, interested in reciprocal movements, namely in getting certain Greek assets," – commented the source in the Russian government.

The source, though, did not specify exactly what assets Moscow is interested in.

On Tuesday, April 7, the Greek Prime Alexis Tsipras will arrive in Moscow and will meet with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

One of the key issues on the bilateral agenda is the "Turkish Stream," going from Russia via the Black Sea and Turkey to the Greek border. Greece is interested to participate, but the position of Athens on the project largely depends on the cost of gas.

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At the same time, a prominent German politician, Gunther Krihbaum announced that "one who believes that it can be saved in Moscow is not on the right horse."

Earlier, the Financial Times wrote that Tsipras would not find salvation for Greece in Russia. 

Source: Kommersant

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