IMF Director confirms Greece "returns money"

10 april 2015 | 15:10

IMF has confirmed that Athens had repaid 459 million euro to the organization.

Greece has repaid its loan to the IMF
The IMF has received another loan repayment from Greece amounting to 459 million euro.

This has been announced by the IMF's Managing Director Christine Lagarde during her meeting at the Atlantic Council.

"Yes, they have returned us our money," – commented Lagarde on the situation regarding Greece's loan repayment.

Lagarde has generally positively assessed the work of the new Greek government. According to her, the officials are working in an attempt to improve the economic situation. These measures increase the effectiveness of financial assistance program.

"We respect this political course. This is a complex piece of work, but we need this to work," – said the IMF's Director.

Currently, the Greek government is making efforts to unlock the later tranche under the financial assistance program amounting to USD 7.2 billion.

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"We are eagerly waiting for this decision," – summarized Lagarde, speaking about the prospects of reaching agreements with the EU.

Earlier, Reuters reported, citing its sources, that the decision on Greece might be declared after the informal meeting of EU finance ministers to be held on April 24 in Riga.

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