GTS of Ukraine has prepared for heating season

15 october 2014 | 14:56

Repair and preparatory work have been carried out on all transmission system facilities, except those at controlled by pro-Russian rebels territories.


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GTS of Ukraine has prepared for winter
The Ukrtransgaz operator of the gas transportation system completed the preparation of the Ukrainian Gas Transportation System (GTS) for the autumn-winter period.

As reported in the press service of the company all objects carried out except those that are controlled by the LPR and DRP militants territories in Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

GTS has spent already UAH 330.7 million for winter preparation while the estimated expenses for the entire period is UAH 557.4 million.

Ukrtransgaz has also reported that the second largest in Ukraine Bohorodchany underground gas storage (UGS), which is located close to the border with Europe, is filled with 99.5% (2.29 billion cubic meters) of gas.

Bohorodchany UGS is located on the Western border of Ukraine and is the last storage on the way Russian natural gas to Europe transportation, which puts it in a number of strategically important European underground gas storage facilities.

In general, in 12 out of 13 Ukrainian UGS more than 16.7 cubic meters of blue fuel has been already uploaded, which is more than 54% of the total active capacity.

As reported, this year's heating season in Ukraine will start on Nov. 1.


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