Greece threatens Germany with property arrest

12 march 2015 | 10:20

The final decision on the matter will be taken by Alexis Tsipras's government.

Греция. Парламент
Greeks have remembered about the Second World War
Greece has threatened to arrest German property on its territory because of the conflict over the payment of reparations for the events of World War II.

Greece's Justice Minister, Nikos Paraskevopulos announced that he is ready to give an arrest warrant for German property in Greece if Athens and Berlin do not agree on the issue of reparations.

"I intend to give an appropriate order," – declared Paraskevopulos on the Greek television. The final decision on the matter will be taken, however, by the government.

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In 2000, the Supreme Court of Greece ordered a suit, according to which relatives of the victims of Nazi massacre in the village of Dystomo in 1944 sought compensation from Germany. Then, the court ruled that the Greek authorities have the right to seize German property in Greece in order to compensate for the events of the Second World War. Earlier, a court ordered to pay 28 million euro to the descendants of the victims of the massacre. According to Greek law, these decisions will be implemented only after the approval from the Minister of Justice.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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