German Parliament extends aid to Greece until the end of June

27 february 2015 | 15:25

Bundestag vote was crucial for the approval of extended financial program for Greece.

Греция Евросоюз флаги
542 German MPs have supported the decision to extend financial program for Greece
While polls show a negative attitude among Germans towards allocation of additional financial assistance to Greece, German parliament has approved the continuation of the aid program to Athens

According to Reuters, the decision has been supported by 542 MPs, 32 voted "against", while 13 "abstained."

Bundestag vote was the only obstacle to the expansion of the anti-crisis program to Athens.

Earlier, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, speaking to the German parliament, announced that there was no question of further concessions to Greece. "We are not talking about new billions for Greece, we're not talking about some changes in this program, namely the need to provide additional time for the successful completion of this program," – he said.

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Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel categorically declared that Germany would not again write off debts for Greece. However, according to Merkel, if Greece continues the course of reforms, it can hope for further financial assistance.

Earlier, the finance ministers of the eurozone approved the proposed reform plan, which would extend the existing program of financial assistance for Greece.

Source: Reuters

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