From Oct. 21 Russia may prohibit fruit and vegetables importation from Ukraine

15 october 2014 | 16:43

Russian Federation does not understand why horticultural products export from Ukraine increase since the beginning of autumn.


Russia demands to know where, what and how many vegetables and fruits are grown in Ukraine
Andriy Tovstyzhenko, ZN.UA
On Oct. 21 Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary (Rosselkhoznadzor ) may impose restrictions on the import of all plant products from Ukraine into Russia, as well as the next transit through its territory, according to the Russian service on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

On Tuesday, the Ministry said that Ukraine is suspected in the fruit and vegetables re-export from EU countries to Russia, which can be banned. This Russian authorities suspicion have appeared in connection with increased recent deliveries of these products.

"In this regard, the Rosselkhoznadzor addressed the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary service of Ukraine with the request to provide information about the production amounts grown in the current year in Ukraine and the areas under selected crops in each region, and provide other convincing guarantees of Ukrainian origin of vegetable products supplied to Russia from Ukraine, until October 21, 2014 " is said in the statement.

"If Ukrainian party fail in fulfilling such requirements or providing such information in respect of each batch of products, the Rosselkhoznadzor reserves the right to impose additional protective measures in the form of temporary restrictions on import of plant products from Ukraine and through its territory," Rosselkhoznadzor added.

Also, the Russian Ministry noted the need to accompany each consignment of plant products from Ukraine with the origin certificates and mandatory labelling on the packaging.

Previously Russia has suspended imports from Ukraine of milk and dairy products, cheeses, individual brands of alcohol, potato, soybean, sunflower, canned food, beef, and pork. Rosselkhoznadzor had already said about the possibility of restrictions on exports fruit and vegetables to Russia from Ukraine, explaining it first by quarantine disease (Golden nematode), and then by re-export Moldovan fruit and vegetables through Ukraine.

Note that the prohibitions that Russia is threatening to impose on food supply from Ukraine can accelerate the free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU implementation.


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