Expert: Physical limits of Ukraine's energy system are one of its main problems

30 march 2015 | 13:27

Svitlana Golikova is sure that it is easier to give up problem areas. 

Expert calls one of Ukraine’s energy systems main flaws
One of Ukrainian energy system's main problems is country's energy system's real configuration, its current, and most importantly – future limits, and not political, but physical.

This is what writes Svitlana Golikova, member of the Strategic Council at Kiev Institute for Energy Studies, director of "Transenergoconsalting" in her article for DT.UA.

The author stresses that this problem is not raised not only by politicians, but even by energy specialists.

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Expert raises a lot of questions regarding the energy policy of the Ukrainian government: prices' formation by the operator, number of total power accumulated at the Ukrainian power plants and failure to include energy import in the energy balance of the country despite its actual presence.

Author notes that the Ukrainian government will have to compensate for the loss of power plants located on the occupied areas either by cutting down energy use and creating a schedule of power outages for the winter of 2015-2016 or by extending contracts for imports from Russia, cheerfully reporting about cheap electricity.

In her opinion, it is necessary to adopt a package of "power" laws, including the "Law on the Regulator," "changes to the law on energy market," and a separate "law on alternative energy." The expert also believes it is necessary to hold institutional changes at the Ministry of Energy and Fuel, energy market, "Ukrenergo" and begin the process of functions' distribution between regional power companies, without forgetting about customers. The PSH plants and energy systems have to be built more rapidly with the help of investor, who have to orient at safety, but not at a price of objects.

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The author stresses that energy efficiency and energy saving should be a cornerstone of future energy system of Ukraine. 

Source: ZN.UA

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